Disconnect 2: Makes Web Faster and Protects Your Privacy Online

Browser plays an important role in your internet speed and the privacy protection. Though we have pretty smart browsers with excellent privacy protection, still we get problems because of Spams, Malwares and unknown websites tracking you on the Internet. There are plenty of extensions, desktop applications were available to stop these privacy intrusions but most of these security plugins won’t work properly. Today I came with an excellent security application called Disconnect, which has a plenty of positive reviews from users and it is a best multipurpose application available for all the leading browsers. Let’s have a look at the features and functions of this application below.


Disconnect is an excellent security application, which protects your privacy by preventing the websites tracking you over the web. As I said before, this application is available as an extension for all the leading browsers. So you just go the website using the link below and install the extension in your browser. Once you complete the installation, the application will start with the cookies in your browser. Because some of the website leave their cookies while you visit and track your browsing data without your knowledge. This can go to the extent of stealing your email passwords, card details, etc. Disconnect will remove those cookies from your browser and stop these websites from accessing your browsing data.

disconnect 2

Next it will block the advertisement and social networking sites to stop from tracking you on the web. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., will be disconnected once you sign out of that website. Also you can manually block any of the websites using “Blacklist” option on this extension. Though you have blocked your social networking sites, still you are able receive the notifications. Only with your permission it will show you the notifications and once you are done, it will block the site again.

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disconnect 2-1

Another important update from the previous version of disconnect application is securing the WiFi Signal and increasing the speed of Internet. If you are using a WiFi connection in your home or office you can use the “Secure WiFi” option in the extension to Safeguard your WiFi signal. As I said before it will remove all the unwanted cookies and saves a lot of bandwidth on your Internet connection. This will increase you internet speed to the maximum of 17% from your previous connection speed. You can watch the video tutorial below to understand more about the application.

You can download this application for free, but still you can donate some money if you find the application is helpful for you. The best part is you can choose how much you are about to pay  for the company and the charity. The application is really great and leave your comments about using disconnect in your browser. Also don’t forget to share this post with you friends.

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