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Computer files come in a lot of different file extensions. One might wonder the purpose of having all these different extensions – after all, the only thing they create is more confusion and complication. But each file extension has its own flaws and fortes. PNG images, for instance, provide to maintain image quality in a better way than JPEG images do. Similarly, documents in the PDF file format are more difficult edit than the documents in the DOC file format. Apart from having their own qualities, some file formats belong to propriety software i.e. in order to open or create such files, you must first buy the application that handles these files. This can be a real problem if all you want to do is view what the contents of a particular file are. One solution, although impractical, would be to download software for all the different propriety file formats so you never face the problem of not having the right app to open a file.

But if you are looking for an easy and practical solution, you should go for “Free Viewer.”

Free Viewer 01

Free Viewer is a wonderful piece of freeware made for computers that are running Windows. The function of the application is to let you view the contents of nearly every type of file format that is currently available. Using the application is extremely simple. You start by downloading and installing the app’s setup file that is sized at nearly 30 MB and available from the application’s website. When you first run the application, any unassociated file formats are automatically associated with Free Viewer. You can always add more associations or remove existing ones through the app’s options. From that point onwards, you are easily able to open all kinds of document file formats. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, plain text files, PDF documents, and a lot more can be opened and easily worked with in Free Viewer.

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Free Viewer 02

Images, too, can be effectively opened. That down there is me in all my shabby glory with the sun in my eyes. I hope you all do not mind the beard. I have been quite lazy about shaving recently. Kindly overlook my shabby face for a bit and focus on all of the ‘extra’ features offered by Free Viewer when it comes to opening images. Look at the bottom row of the app. Basic image editing such as rotation and cropping are complemented by image effects such as grayscale, blur, and a lot more.

Free Viewer 03

Finally, you are able to view video files as well. Simply open a video file of any format with Free Viewer and it will start playing. Audio files and other content-including files can all be opened in a similar fashion.

Free Viewer 04

To view exactly what kind of file it is that Free Viewer has opened, you can click on the ‘Info’ tab to view file information.

Free Viewer 05

To expertly edit file contents, you can access the app’s HEX editor.

Free Viewer 06

Undoubtedly, Free Viewer will serve a large number of Windows users. Too many people find themselves in situations where they need PDF viewers, 3GP viewers, and so on. Free Viewer will replace all of those applications and provide you a universal solution in a single package.

You can get Free Viewer from here.



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