How to Speed Up Your Windows Startup by Delaying Programs

Many Windows computer owners complain that their computer startup process takes a considerable amount of time. The reason for the startup sluggishness is simple: startup programs. When you install new applications on your computer, many of them have their ‘Automatically start with Windows’ option checked by default. Thus instances of such apps run as soon as Windows starts up.

There are ways to disable the various startup apps but not all of them can be disabled because you are going to need them later on. One convenient and effective way to speed up the startup process would be to ‘delay’ the startup programs. You can give your computer time enough to become ‘active’ and properly run the startup programs. Here to help implement this solution excellently is a tool called “Startup Delayer.”

Startup Delayer is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of the application is to delay the programs that begin running when your computer starts up. To begin using the application, you must download and install its setup file that is sized at nearly 6 MB.

Startup Delayer 01

When you run the application for the first time, you encounter a window that asks you whether you want your computer to start fast or start smooth; these are two ends of a slider that you can select a level on. After this prompt, you can view all the applications that run on Windows startup. By default, these apps are shown under the ‘Normal Startup’ heading. Each application carries details with it that include name, status, user, company, and target.

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Startup Delayer 02

To delay an application’s startup, you simply right click on it and use the Delay option. You can then set an automatically delay time interval or manually set a delay time interval. Each application’s delay time can be setup individually. When apps are delayed, they are moved from the Normal Startup to the Delayed heading. In the screenshot, Greenshot was setup with an automatic delay whereas Windows Search was setup with a manual delay of 2 minutes.

Startup Delayer 03

After confirming your changes, when you restart the computer, there will be noticeable difference in the startup speed. Furthermore, you will be able to startup delayed apps ahead of their delay time interval through Startup Delayer’s System Tray icon. The application also lets you halt processes that are currently running, regardless of those processes being in the startup.

Startup Delayer

Evidently, Startup Delayer is a highly convenient application that will definitely speed up your Windows startup time in an impressive way.

You can get the app from here.



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