Enhance your YouTube experience with YouTweak on Chrome

YouTube is one of the top video sharing services in the world. It is also a best entertaining website where people spend half of their browsing time on the Internet. What if you can tweak some options on YouTube for your convenience ? Like you can turn the YouTube Logo to take you to any URL you want. Cool isn’t it ? There are plenty of YouTube tweaking extensions available for Chrome, I came with a best one which helps you to remove watched videos, subscription videos, stops auto playing videos and much more on YouTube.

The name of the extension is YouTweak which helps you to tweak some of the important options for best user experience. YouTweak is a very simple extension and it is pretty easy to understand. Once you install the extension, to tweak options on YouTube, you got to do everything on the settings panel. Let’s have a look at the tweaks you can do on YouTube.


First thing is, you can Remove the Subscription videos. When you enter into YouTube if you don’t want to see the videos from your subscribed channels, you just check the remove subscription videos option on the settings. Then you can remove the already watched videos. This option you need to do it manually because you may search for the watched video once again. So you can’t completely remove all the watched videos. Next by default you can change all the subscription videos in your homepage to play in HD. Currently it supports upto 720p and by using this option you don’t need to manually change the resolution for your subscription videos.

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As I said before, you can Change the logo of YouTube to direct you to the any URL you want. In the YouTweak settings page you can see the second option to change the URL and by default it will be set to the uploads and subscriptions page. One of the important tweak is you can stop videos playing automatically. Only after you click the play button, you videos will start buffering. After you install this extension, you can see a remove video button below all the subscription videos which helps you to remove the unwanted videos appearing on the home page.


Also you can see the complete set of videos from the channels you have subscribed using the Load all subscription videos button on your homepage. This is for viewing the subscription videos exclusively. You can watch the video tutorial below to understand more about the tweaks on this extension.

Google updates YouTube constantly. So you also need to update this extension on your Chrome to enjoy your Tweaks. Thanks for reading, do try this extension on your Chrome and share your experience with us in the comment box.

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