Use SpaceSniffer to Analyze Used and Free Disc Space [Windows]

Are you looking for a way to analyze the applications taking up the most space on your hard drive? If yes, then what you need is an effective disc usage analysis tool. This is a task that is completely effectively by an app called SpaceSniffer.

SpaceSniffer 01

SpaceSniffer is an excellent piece of freeware that comes as a desktop application for computers that are running the Windows operating system. The application comes in a ZIP archive that is sized at nearly 1.5 MB. To run the application, all you have to do is extract and run the EXE file contained in the ZIP archive. When you do so, you will be prompted to select a drive that you want analyzed. Normally, this would display your hard disc partitions along with your CD drives and any other external storage devices such as attached USB flash drives. When you select a drive and click on the Start button, the analysis will begin and you will see a visually appealing animation through which disc usage is detected, categorized, and sorted on a space usage map within the application window.

SpaceSniffer 02

The title bar of the application will display the percentage completeness of the process. Once the process is fully complete, this percentage will be removed. You will then be able to view which types of data on your computer are taking up the most space. You can click on a section to reveal more of its details. The level of detail can also be controlled using two icons in the top row of buttons; these icons correspond to showing more and less details. The app also lets you switch the analysis from used space to free space.

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SpaceSniffer 03

You can export the data that is analyzed by the application directly to a text file. A preview of the text file is displayed to you before you export. You can opt to export data grouped by folders or simply have the file names exported to the plain text file.

SpaceSniffer 04

In the preferences of the application, you are able to control various interface factors that cover font sizes, minimum element sizes, element proportions, and initial detail level. ‘Element’ refers to the individual entries that are shown on the map of the disc data analysis.

SpaceSniffer 05

Similar to the Geometry tab, the configuration preferences of the application display options for Animation as well – control through which you can set options for the initial animation that is displayed while the analysis process is underway. The color scheme can also be controlled from the options of the application.

SpaceSniffer 06

Overall, SpaceSniffer offers an easy and visually appealing way to analyze the data on your hard drive. For anybody wanting to figure out what is taking up the most space on their hard drive, this application will serve excellently.

Check out SpaceSniffer over here.



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