Get Some Useful Information Whenever You Open A New Tab in Chrome

It’s something cool when you open a new tab on your browser and you get the hot news of the day. Yes you can now get it in chrome every time you open a new tab you will be updated with the headlines of the day, weather reports and much more information with the help of this extension called “New Tab Page“. It is quite similar to iGoogle application, since Google has planned to shutdown that service you can get the same on your chrome using this extension.


Once you install the extension, as soon as you open a new tab you will  see a Google search bar along with the voice search on the top and the recently visited websites line up on the bottom of that search bar. This new tab Google search bar helps you search the content instantly, instead of going to the website. After the recently visited websites, you will get the headlines on the world happenings. This is given by Google news and click more news button on the bottom to read more headlines of the day.


In the right side you will see a weather widget. By default the weather widget shows some other location, you should click the “Use Your Location” button to get the weather reports of your city. At the bottom of the page you will see some of the important Google Apps, you can go to that easily using those links. Surely this is not enough for an extension, we need much more options on the page. Let’s hope in future the extension will be updated with much more features.

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Instead of having a blank page in your new tab, this extension will bring some headlines on your desk. It is very simple extension, so just give a shot and tell your feedback about the application and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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