Remove Unwanted Apps and Data in Android Using Clean Master

Most of the lower end Android devices have a very minimum internal storage (cache) and all the apps cannot be moved to SD Cards. So you should always check the internal storage limit, because less memory will affect your Smartphone’s performance. Not only the applications, even some unwanted data will occupy the internal storage and lowers your phone’s performance. It is impossible to find and delete those data manually on your Android phone. To monitor the internal storage there are plenty of apps available on the play store. Today we are going to discuss about one such app called “Clean Master” which automatically find and clean the unwanted files and apps on cache memory effectively.


Clean Master is a multi-purpose app for Android phone because it will monitor apps, clean the unwanted data and kill the unused apps and boost the RAM’s performance. Once you install the app, it will automatically clear the cache memory, suggest you to uninstall the unused apps and the applications which occupies a lot of internal memory, etc. In Android even if you delete that app, some residual files will remain in the internal memory. Clean master will automatically clear those files and gives more space on RAM.


Clearing the unwanted files and apps not only give more internal storage also it will save your battery life. More apps running on internal storage will drain your battery quickly. So this app will kill or uninstall those apps to save your battery. It also protects your privacy by clearing the selected messages, call logs, Google search history and the clipboard data on your mobile phone. That’s why I’ve said it is a multipurpose app for your android mobile. It has a separate application manager, which helps you see all activities about the apps like memory, usage, battery usage, etc.

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Clean Master also helps you clear the backup files on your mobile phone. If you download the app from a third party website, the .APK files will be stored on the SD card or Internal memory. Using this app you can easily remove those files from your mobile phone. Watch the video tutorial below to understand the usage and functions of clean master.

Thanks for reading, also try this app and share your experience with us in the comment box. Share this post with your friends and if I have missed any of your favorite app similar to clean master let me know in the comments.

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