Chime brings all the Notifications from Popular Web Services in Chrome

Are you doing a business based on the Internet ? Want to manage lots of emails and notifications from different web services everyday ? Then here we have a simple application to manage all your favorite web services in a single place. Chime is a new extension for Chrome which organizes notifications from all the popular web services to your browser. Using this application is very simple, all you need to do is just install the extension in Chrome and start adding your accounts.


Instead of signing in to all your web services separately, you can log in once using Chime and get the notifications instantly. It saves a lot of time and keeps you updated with all these web services. Once you install Chime in your Chrome, it will show you the list of services you can connect. The web services which you have already logged in will be highlighted so that you don’t need to log in again. It supports Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. You can’t add multiple accounts to any of the services listed in Chime. But in Gmail alone using the “Add Account” option you can log in to multiple accounts and receive the notifications.


Chime is very secured. They will not store your password or any log in details in their servers, it will stay only with your computer. After you add the accounts, you can see notifications from the chime icon on the right top corner of the window. By default the desktop notifications will be turned on and you will get a pop up when you receive a new update. The pop contains the small subject of the notification, which helps you decide whether it is important or not.  Also the notifications will be color coded, so you can easily know from which web service you have received that notification.

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To manually open up your notifications just click the Chime icon on the top right corner of your browser and you will see a list of all the recent notifications. To see your entire notifications history click “All Notifications” option in the list. Though this app is in the beta stage, it works perfectly. It is very simple to use and understand. To stop receiving notification from a particular web service just log out of that account. Also to see notifications of a particular web service use the settings to choose it. These are the features  and functions of chime, try this extension on your Chrome and share your experience with us in the comments. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


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