Holmes: A Best Search Engine For Bookmarks

When we get into too much of browsing we will forget some important websites. That’s why we have an option called “Bookmarks” to make a note of our favorite websites on the go. Initially it is not a problem, you can easily scroll over all the bookmarks and find the one you want but when the numbers got increased, it is impossible to find it manually. Though we have a default search option in the browser we may forget the exact keyword we want to search. In order to get rid of these things, today I came with a new chrome extension which comes exclusively for searching bookmarks on your browser.


Holmes is the extension for chrome which acts as a search engine for bookmarks on your browser. It is very simple to use and understand. Though we can organize our bookmarks in separate folders, most of the time we will forget to do that. We just bookmark and we will go on with our work. For those unorganized bookmarks, this extension will be really helpful. Even there are hundreds of unorganized bookmarks, you can find the one you want quickly using this extension.


The recent update for Holmes has introduced the Watson Omnibox search to the extension. Omnibox search is nothing but searching your bookmarks using the address bar. After you install the extension just go the address bar and type “*(asterisk)” following your search keyword. This will search the bookmarks without opening the extension. The normal Holmes search will be available next to the address bar on the top right.

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In Holmes bookmarks search you can filter the search results using the simple settings on the search bar. When you click the Holmes icon at the top right corner of the search bar you will see small button. Click that to get the filter options. Using that you can filter anything from your bookmarks bar and bookmarklets. Also you have an option to save the search results. Just click the button on the common section to save the last search.


Though this application looks pretty simple, it will be very helpful when you are in a hurry to find out an important website or a link on your browser. Give a shot over the extension and let me hear your experience in the comments. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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