Doo: A Hub To Sync All Your Cloud Data

Few weeks before I wrote about a web app called “CloudKafe” to sync cloud data from different services to a single place. Today I came with a new cloud data sync web application “Doo” which is very similar to CloudKafe with one more important option. It is, you can connect this app with your Android devices to access all your cloud data. In CloudKafe you have a very good interface and good data accessing capability but every time you need to go to the computer to access your data. In Doo, you can download the app from play store and start accessing your files on the go. It will be very helpful for people who are traveling often and can’t sit on the computer for a long time. Let’s have a look at the features of Doo below.


For using Doo, first you need to download the desktop application from their website. You can use the link at the end of this post to download it. This desktop application is available only for Mac and Windows 8. For Smartphones it is available only for Android. In their website Doo team has given an information that soon it will be available for iOS, Windows Phones and Windows 7 operating system. After you install the application, you will be given a 25 GB of Cloud Storage Space to try out. You can connect a particular partition or entire drive of your computer to Doo and take a backup at regular intervals. If it is a particular partition then it will be so easy to manage and you can put all your important data on that particular drive and access it wherever you go.

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You can connect the other cloud accounts like Google Drive and Drop box to your Doo account. Also you can connect your emails to take a backup. In the profile section you can change your log in password. In Clients section, you can see the connected accounts and there you can disconnect the accounts connected. You can connect your Google drive or drop box accounts in the Imports section and download Doo desktop clients from the downloads section. If you want to upgrade to premium you can use this storage option to do that. You can watch the video tutorial below to understand the usage of this app on Android devices

Though we have other best cloud indexing applications on the Internet, Doo has become popular because of its mobility. So if you are an Android user you should definitely try this app on your Smartphone. Also share your experience with this app in the comment box. Thanks for reading and now you can share this post with your friends using the buttons below.

Download Doo Desktop Application

Download Doo for Android




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