MinuteBill: A Simple and Easy Way to Create Invoices Online

If you search the internet, you will come across hundreds of online invoicing tools. The issue with most of them is that they are paid and requires users to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription in order to create and manage invoices online. Today, we present to you a very handy and easy to use online utility, MinuteBill that can help you create professional invoices in seconds.


MinuteBill is a very simple and easy to use online tool that allows users to create invoices in seconds. You don’t have to sign up for any account or pay anything, all you have to do is enter the details in a custom template and download it to your computer. Later, you can send the invoice to any client or anyone you want.

Using MinuteBill

MinuteBill is one of the most simple and easy to use apps I have used so far. I work with invoices all the times as it helps me keep track of all the work I have done for my clients and how am I getting paid. Unlike other services, you don’t have to sign up for any account or anything. Just open MinuteBill homepage and it will open an invoice template with fields such as company name, client name, title of invoice, date, sender’s information and item details. Simply replace the custom text on the invoice and add the item details along with its price and tax percentage. By default, the currency that you can use is USD. After making all the required changes, you can save the invoice or download it to your computer in PDF format and share it with your clients.

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If you want, you can save the invoice as PDF as well by clicking on the Create PDF button at the top. You can even change the settings of the invoice as well such as file name, date format and currency. The service does support all the popular currencies including USD, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

Minutebill Settings


I have used many invoicing apps in the past but I think this one is worth trying. It may not offer users with wide range of features and time tracking features, but if you are just looking for a simple and easy way to create invoices, try MinuteBill. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried MinuteBill.

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