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Is Chrome your primary browser ? Are you work all the day on chrome  and want to organize your tabs ? Then you are at the right destination. Today we are going to discuss about a new chrome extension “Sidewise Tree Style Tabs”, which helps users to manage their tabs on Chrome easily. Few weeks before I wrote about two different Chrome extensions to organize the tabs but this one has got a different concept and much more options than the existing ones. Let’s have a look at the features below.


You can use the link below to install this extension in your browser. Once your installation is complete, you will see a welcome window in a new tab. In Sidewise, there will be a separate tab control panel called “Sidebar” is used to manage the tabs. In the welcome window, you have the option to choose where to keep that Sidebar along with your browser. Sideways will automatically detect your monitors  (if you have more than one) and adjust the sidebar according to that. So once you choose the position, every tab and window you open on Chrome will be displayed in the Sidebar. You can easily switch to any windows and tabs quickly using that.


Apart from switching between the tabs, you can hibernate a particular tab and wake them up when you need it. This option is really cool and it keeps you off from having too much of tabs crowded on your browser. You can customize the options using settings on the sidebar. Once you get into the settings page you can see the options to customize the tab hibernation and wake up. For more options you can click the Advanced button on the bottom of the window. This will pull out much more options to add and customize your experience with the sideways extension.

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Another important feature of this extension is, you have a handy notepad on the sidebar available. You can make a note of the things quickly and your text will be auto saved. Instead of opening a notepad application on your computer you can use this to save your texts quickly. To create a custom set of tabs, you can group them and label it for your convenience. If you have some important tabs and want to find it quickly in a group, you can highlight it separately. Also reload the tabs right from the sidebar without opening it.


In Settings page, you can import or export your customize tab tree organization which helps users when they want to use multiple machines. This extension is now in the beta stage, but the options works perfectly and a lot more to come up. Try this extension in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Download Sideways Tree Style Tabs



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3 thoughts on “Manage Chrome with Sidewise Tree Style Tabs”

  1. Manage to run this on some previous Chrome version.

    I use now Tabs Outliner.

    Looks like this is very similar extension. But TabsOutliner is definitely more appealing and seems have more interesting features, really like it very much.

    Sidewise can dock to window sides, in past I wanted something like this from TO but now I am not so sure, nor even like this idea if for true – it is mess with windows sizes actively. Yet maybe this is configurable, but on quick look there is nothing that Tabs Outliner cannot do in some better way, and the reverse is seems not true (for example i did not find how to put hibernated tabs or notes between windows, and many other small but cool and important nuances).

    But good to know there is some alternatives. The absence of adequate Tree Style Tabs was a big reason I was not switching to Chrome from Firefox, and now we have 2 such extensions – coo! Meantime I return to TabsOutliner.

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