Instantly Upload Images to Photobucket using Photobucket Image Uploader Firefox Plug-in

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We have several popular free image hosting websites like flickr, picasa web album, photobucket etc. each one of these free image hosting websites have their own advantages and limitations. Photobucket is not just image hosting but also let you to host video, slideshows and share with your friends.

Best thing about Photobucket over other image hosting services is that you can upload images by just one click with Photobucket Image Uploader firefox extension. Photobucket image uploader is free firefox plug-in compatible with latest firefox release.

When you download and install Photobucket image uploader plug-in first time you will be prompted to specify which Photobucket account to use for uploading images. Once you have installed this plug-in a new option “Upload to Photobucket” will be added to your right click context menu of your firefox browser allowing you to instantly upload any images to your Photobucket account.

Screenshot of Photobucket Image Uploader Firefox Plug-in

Photobucket Image Uploader Firefox Plugin

Download Photobucket Image Uploader Plug-in

if you are using some other image hosting webservice then you may use Imageshaker to upload images right from your desktop.

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