Use PhotoFiltre 7 to Edit Images Expertly on Windows

When it comes to editing your images on your computer, you have a lot of options to choose from. With so many options to choose from, you must want your image editor to be truly exceptional. Basic features to look out for include effects and filters. But such basics are offered by nearly all modern image editors. What an image editor to really offer something unique, it must include bonus features such as layers, paint options, and special cropping tools. This and a lot more is offered by a freeware application called PhotoFiltre 7.

PhotoFiltre 7 01

PhotoFiltre 7 is an excellent image editor for computers that are running Windows. When you install and open the application, you can open the image you want edited inside the app. The first image you select is loaded up as the ‘Background’ layer. You can begin editing this image using a variety of tools that are available within the application. The right pane provides you with basic editing and paint tools. Smudge tools, spray options, drawing shapes, paint, drawing lines, and a lot can all be done from the right pane. The menu items above let you apply filters to images, along with letting you perform other tasks.

PhotoFiltre 7 02

The bottom pane of the application shows you other images in the same folder as your earlier selected image. You can also open images from other locations using the File menu. Other images can be added as additional layers on top of your original image. Each image can be modified individually until you merge the layers and treat the whole as a single image.

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PhotoFiltre 7 03

There are also special cropping tools available. Cropping shapes appear in the bottom pane of the application. To use a shape, you must drag it on top of your image.

PhotoFiltre 7 04

The app also offers a unique way to ‘size down’ your images by reducing the colors used by it. You can use from 8 to 256 colors, in powers of 2.

PhotoFiltre 7 05

Once you have performed all of your edits, you can export your modified image while controlling the output quality of the image as well.

PhotoFiltre 7 06

When all of these features along with a lot more are offered in the same package, then using PhotoFiltre 7 as your default image editor becomes a no-brainer. If you are looking for an effective app to bring useful edits to your images, you should definitely give this application a try – you will not be disappointed.

You can get PhotoFiltre 7 from here.



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