How to Generate New Colors and Get Their Usable Codes [Windows]

I have a web developer friend who was looking for new color designs for a project that he was working on. I named all the colors I knew to suggest to him, but he wanted something new. Confused, I started looking for ‘new’ colors and before I knew it, I found an excellent way to discover new colors: through a color generation application. The first few apps I came up with were not of much use to my friend since he wanted usable codes in the HSL code format whereas most color generators support only HEX or RGB codes. Thankfully, I soon found the excellent tool called ColorMania.

ColorMania 01

ColorMania is a freeware application that comes in a setup file that is sized at nearly 0.8 MB. The function of the application is to help you generate colors in various ways and then provide you with their usable codes in various formats. When you open the application, you will find various buttons and sliders that help you pick colors. Most people will find the HTML Color dropdown at the bottom to be most useful. This is because in the dropdown you will be able to pick colors using their name. Simply click on the dropdown arrow and then click on a color name you want to use.

ColorMania 02

Another way you can pick a color is to click on the Dialog button. This opens up a color chooser that is similar to the one you find in Microsoft Paint.

ColorMania 03

In case you find an interesting color on a website or some application that you want to use in your design, you have the application detect it. All you have to do is click on the “Magnifier Area” on the application and then click on the color you want detected.

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ColorMania 04

Once the application picks your color, you can begin adjusting the sliders, ‘playing’ with the field values, and trying different settings to achieve the color that you want. You can keep on loading colors in your color pallet and then save it for local use or modification later. To use colors in your designs, you must first obtain their code. For this, you simply click on the code format you want from the dropdown available.

ColorMania 05

You can see from the above screenshot that a wide range of color formats is available including HSL, RGB, Photoshop, and various HEX formats.

In conclusion, ColorMania is a valuable color generator for designers who work with Windows computers. You can get ColorMania from here.



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