Easily Manage Your Social Networks With Bliss Control

Today more than online games and videos, Social networking sites are the most used websites on the Internet. More than 50 percent of the world’s population is being connected through social networks. Before five years there are very few social networking websites but after Facebook came into existence, the number of social networks has increased tremendously and it has become a part of their day to day activities. Many Startups and business people depends on these social networking sites to market their products. Another important reason for using social networks is the world happenings. Wherever it happens in the world, it comes to your desk in just seconds.


We have very popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, etc. There are plenty of applications available to manage the updates on these websites but we have very few applications to manage your profile, account settings, etc. Today I came with a web application called “Bliss Control”, which manages all your profiles and account settings on different social networks. It is a very simple web app, where you can connect all your social accounts and update the details on multiple accounts quickly.


For instance, if you have got a new profile picture and you want to update it on your multiple accounts, this Bliss control app will be very helpful. Just choose the picture and the social networks you want to change, it will be automatically updated. First time when you connect your accounts it will ask permission for security reasons but don’t worry bliss control will not use your information, it will be kept confidential. Like Profile picture, you can change your email id, password and even delete your account right from this application. So it gives a complete control on your accounts.

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Using Bliss Control is very simple, on the left side your account setting options will be available and on the right side the list of social networks will be available. Choose the settings or option you want to change and choose in which account you want to change it. That’s all, enter your log in details and you will be redirected to the particular page on that website. So it will not affect your privacy and in case if you forgot where you have to change some details on your account, you can use this web app to complete that action. Thanks for reading, do try this application and share your experience with us in the comment box.

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