Strikingly: A New Web App to Create Stunning Websites

Newbies and Start ups can try this new web application “Strikingly” to create their own websites. Everything is just a drag and drop, so people who don’t have much coding knowledge but want to create a site on their own, it is a good place for that. All you need to do is just sign up with your email id and start creating your website. Unlike other free website creating applications, the quality and options on Strikingly is pretty good and easy to understand. Also it has plenty of layout designs which give a great look for your websites. Once you sign up for Strikingly you will be redirected to the dashboard where you will get three sets of options to create a website.


Either you can create a personal website or for your business or your online portfolio. So you can choose between these three and start designing your website. Creating a website in Strikingly is really simple, you don’t need to do it from the scratch. You have a completely designed website with the sample contents in it. Just select the design, edit the contents, images and videos you want and once you are done your site is up. It is completely in a graphical interface, so you don’t worry about coding and managing your site is pretty simpler than any other web applications.


After you create the website adding images and videos is just a drag and drop on the admin panel. For videos you need to add only the URLs you don’t need to download or upload to your website. For start up companies and personal portfolios, this would be great. You can take it to the next level by means of upgrading to the premium account. In free account, you can create only one website and the options are pretty basic. In premium, you can choose plans and according to that the number of websites  you can create and managing options will vary.

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Well you can all the editing and managing works from your mobile and tablets. You can upload images, add music and videos from all your devices over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Also the websites you create will automatically make compatible for mobiles and tablets. In other applications, you need to add some plugins to make your website mobile compatible, but in Strikingly you don’t need any external applications it will be done automatically. It is a great platform to create your own websites and portfolios on the Internet. So give a try and share your experience with us in the comment box.



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