Black Menu Brings All the Google Services on your Chrome

Google is one of the best web service providers in the world. They have more than 200 web services which are more popular among the Internet. Web applications like Gmail, YouTube, Adsense, etc. has been integrated into our day to day activities. Most of the people around the world use these applications for their business and personal activities on the Internet. Especially people who do business based on the Internet, need these web services more often while they work. Every time they can’t go and type the website, log in and search for what they want. It has to be handy and simple to complete the work quickly.


Black Menu is the new extension for Chrome browser, which has the list of all the popular web services from Google. It makes all the applications handy and all you need to do is just a simple click. A year before Google has introduced a navigation bar with all their services. Unfortunately that didn’t work as expected. This black menu has got a unique functionality and very simple to use the services. So it will be very helpful for everyone to quickly use the web services from Google.


You can easily personalize the black menu extension by adding your accounts on the different services. If it is connected to a single Gmail id then no problem, if you have more than one id, you can add it separately to the available web services. For instance, you can connect your Gmail account and see if you have received any mails or search for starred emails right from your browser. It will increase your productivity by saving a lot of time on accessing all the services separately.

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Once you install the extension you will get a dashboard, which has the links  to all the Google services. It helps you to easily switch between the applications quickly from that dashboard. It is just like a control panel of all the Google services. Unlike the Google Navigation Bar, this Black Menu extension has the Google voice application support and many other applications which are missing in that.

It is a must have extension for people who depends on Google web apps for their business. Also people who want to work smart and improve their productivity can try this extension on Chrome. Share your experience with us in the comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.




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