To-Do DeskList: An Effective Task Management Application for Your PC

People who work on a computer have a lot of things that can distract them from what they should be focusing on. Personally, I find Facebook, YouTube, and similar websites to be quite distracting. Spending time on these fun sites not only keeps me from what I should be doing, but it also makes me forget future tasks. For people such as myself, a task management application is essential. We need an app that lets us keep a record of our tasks to complete, that lets us setup reminders for these tasks, but not only that – the application should also support synchronization of tasks between the different computers we use.

“To-Do DeskList” is an app that includes all of those features.

To-Do DeskList 1

To-Do DeskList is a free to use desktop task management application for Windows computers. Sized at only 2 MB, the setup file for this application is easy to download and install. Once you install the application, you will find its icon in the System Tray from where you will be able to access the application. To create new tasks, you might rightclick on this icon and select the “Add To-Do” option. In the subsequent window, you will be able to type in the details of the task you need to complete. These details include a title, a priority level, and any additional notes that you want.

To-Do DeskList 02

The ‘Reminder’ tab allows you to setup a reminder for that particular task at a time of your specification.

To-Do DeskList 03.0

The tasks you add keep adding up in the bottom right corner of the screen, right above the System Tray icons. The tasks are assigned according to priority groups. The icons in the bottom right corner of each task entry lets you mark the task as finished so it is removef from the list or access the detailed information of the task for editing and viewing.

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To-Do DeskList 03.1

In addition to all of the abovementioned features, the application also lets you synchronize your tasks between various instances of the application. For example, you can specify account information on the app running on your desktop and laptop; then when you use the synch option, the same tasks will be viewed on each computer.

To-Do DeskList 04

Task lists can also be shared by friends simply by inviting them via their email address.

To-Do DeskList 05

The app offers customizations as well. If the default color theme ever gets boring for you, you can change it from the Settings. Proxy settings, hotkey combinations, and more can be changed from the Settings as well.

To-Do DeskList 06

As you can see, “To-Do DeskList” is a competent task management app that will definitely be of use to Windows users.

You can check out To-Do DeskList at here.



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