How To Automatically Find Coupons while you Checkout on Shopping Sites?

When it comes to Online Shopping, sometimes we will get disappointed if the product we recently purchased is available at lesser cost on some other website. In online shopping you need to explore a lot to find your favorite product in lesser price. Coupon Codes play an important role in the online purchases. Though we have a standard price on the website, still we can get the discount using the coupon codes. There are plenty of blogs and website available to give these coupon codes. It takes time if you are sitting and search for the coupon code when you are in a hurry to purchase a product. So to get rid of this today I came with a new web application called Coupons at Checkout, which will automatically find the coupons while you are checking out.


This application is available as plugins and extensions for all the leading browsers, so you can install in your browser to use the coupons while you checkout. It is a must have extension for everyone. Even in Google sometimes you won’t get the right coupon code for the product you search. This application is specially designed to find the coupon codes, so for all the popular shopping sites it will find the discount coupons which will be very helpful when you make some bulk purchases.


For business people, who travel a lot and book hotels often this application is really helpful. It will search all over the web to find the discount prices for the flight tickets and hotel rooms in the areas you search. Even when you are planning for a family vacation, this will reduce the traveling and hotel expenses for your whole family. Not only the traveling, also the food items you order online will get discount coupons while you checkout. So this application will also reduce the food expenses when you travel outside.

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This application will be running in the background of your browser, it will work only when you reach the checkout page on the shopping website. Actually to get the coupon codes you need to click inside the “Got a coupon code?” text box. Once you have done that it will list all the available discount coupons for that particular product as shown in the screenshot above. The coupon with maximum discount will appear at the top the list also using this application you can check whether the coupon is expired or not. If it is expired you can find the alternate one using this application.

It is really a great application to save a lot of money on your online purchases. So try this application in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Download Coupons at Checkout for Chrome



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