How to Block Event Notifications From People on Facebook

I have a few people on Facebook who keeps on inviting me to these boring events about what they do, how they make money, etc. There is no doubt promoting your events on Facebook is a real deal and can attract a lot of people and can help users get some leads but this is something that can annoy a lot of people. Obviously, you cannot simply unfriend a person just because he sends you invitations to these events but you can always stop receiving these invites from your friends.

Normally, the event appears in your notifications are as shown below. Clicking on the cross icon just turn off the notifications for that particular event but it does not disable the event notifications completely.

Event Invitation

If you want to block and stop receiving event notifications on Facebook, just follow some simple steps below.

Click on the Wheel icon and go to your Account settings.

Facebook ACcount settings

Look for Blocking options from the sidebar and open it.

Facebook Settings Sidebar

From the list, find Block Event Invites and enter the name of the person you want to block future event requests from. Just select the name and it will automatically block all future event notifications from that person.

Block Events Facebook

Later, if you decide to unblock that person, you can do so by following the same steps and clicking on the Unblock button in Facebook Blocking Settings.

Hope this helps.

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