CrystalDiskInfo – Get Alerted of Poor Hard Disk Health [Windows]

All modern professionals work on a computer at their workplace. The tasks carried out on these computers might be heavily dependent on the internet. For example, your work might be centered on an enterprise web application that you use daily. But regardless of how extensively you use the internet, there are definitely going to be important things that you store on your local hard drive. Your photos might all be on Facebook but important documents are almost always on your hard drive. Knowing this, imagine how unfortunate it would be for your hard disk to get damaged in any way and lose the data you stored on it.

While you might consider hard drive damage an unlikely scenario, it certainly happens and that too when you least expect it. It all starts with the hard drive deterioration. It is best to keep an eye on the hard drive health so that as soon as it becomes poor, you can start thinking about getting some replacement storage. Here to help you with this task of hard disk health monitoring is an excellent freeware tool for Windows called “CrystalDiskInfo.”

CrystalDiskInfo 01

CrystalDiskInfo is a wonderful utility for computers that are running the Windows operating system. You can use this application to monitor the health status of the hard drives that are installed on your computer. The application monitors not only health, but also various other stats of your hard drive. For example, this tool can easily reveal the serial number of your hard drive without requiring you to open up the computer casing. Other important features that the application offers include support for SMART. This enables the application to monitor the temperatures of your hard drives, in addition to other things that might potentially cause failures. You can quickly view the status of your hard drive and modify the definition of a ‘Good’ health by changing the number of reallocated sectors, current pending sectors, and uncorrectable sector count.

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Alerts can be setup for when your hard disk is in some sort of critical condition or poor health.

CrystalDiskInfo 04

You can also quickly view hard disk stats such as storage space from the System Tray icon of the application.

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In conclusion, CrystalDiskInfo is a very useful utility for people who are using Windows computers. If you want to ensure that you are notified of the hard disk’s poor health, give this app a try.

Check out CrystalDiskInfo by clicking here.



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