PDF Reducer – Decrease the Size of PDF Documents [Windows]

At my ‘day job’ I have to deal with a lot of digital documents. Many of these documents are in the PDF file format and comprise only of text. Looking at their large file size, I often wonder why the creator of the document did not simply choose settings that resulted in a lower file size output. For me, opening such large document, storing them, and emailing them are all problems that could be resolved greatly if the file sizes were reduced. Therefore I initiated my search for a handy application that could serve this purpose of mine and, fortunately, I found it.

I am talking about an app called “PDF Reducer.”

PDF Reducer 04

PDF Reducer is a free to use application that is compatible with Windows computers. Operating systems that the app supports includes Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. The purpose of the application is to size down PDF documents. The application setup comes in a ZIP archive file that is sized at nearly 8.6 MB. You must extract the setup file and execute it to install the application. Opening the application will show you a message that asks you to get the PRO version of the application. The added features in the PRO version include batch PDF file processing, command line support, and the disabling of this window. To continue using the free version, simply wait for a bit and the OK button will be enabled. Click on the OK button and then the main application will open up where you can select the source file and the destination folder.

PDF Reducer 01

When the PDF processing is underway, you are shown the exact page number that is currently being worked upon.

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PDF Reducer 02

When the processing is complete, the application displays a success message. This success message includes the original file size and the resultant file size. Usually there is a large difference in the two and you will be surprised by how much the file size is reduced. You will be even more surprised after opening the resulting the documents to find that the text quality is the same as before. You will notice a difference only in the quality of images which will become visibly poor than before, yet passable.

PDF Reducer 03

In conclusion, PDF Reducer is an ideal application to size down your PDF files that contain only text. It can also be used for image containing PDF files if you are willing to compromise a bit on the image quality.

You can check out PDF Reducer over here.



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