Easily Sync and Access Android Photos with Chrome Using SnapPea

Last week we’ve discussed about a web application called Fitocracy to shape your body in just fifteen minutes of workout a day. Today I came with a new chrome extension for Android users to sync their photos taken with their Android phones and tablets. Today Android is one of the most used Smartphone operating system on the earth. Also the Android phones has got a very good cam quality which lets users take incredible pictures. Though we have plenty of applications to sync Android phone with your computer, this chrome extension will make your work very simple.


SnapPea is the name of the extension which helps you to sync the photos from your Android phone to the computer. Using this extension in your browser gives you two advantages first one, even when your phone is not around you can still access all your pictures using this extension and the second one is, it works on both PC and Mac without any external applications.

Using this extension in your browser is very simple. Just download and add the extension to your browser. Once you have done that you need to download the SnapPea Android app on your mobile phone or tablet. This will help in synchronizing the photos. Once you install the application, you need to create an account in your Android mobile. After you create an account you will get a passcode to sync the account with your browser. Go to your browser, click the SnapPea extension and enter the passcode to sync your photos.


After you enter the passcode, the photos will automatically sync from your Smartphone to the browser and you can access it anywhere on the web. You can take photos and instantly view that on your computer. This SnapPea application for Android not only sync the photos, it will also help you to manage your Android phone right from the PC. You need to download the managing application for Windows to access all your photos, music, apps, contacts, text messages, etc. right from your desktop. It will also help you import the iTunes music to your Android phone or tablet using this application. This type of managing application is not available for Mac and Linux.

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This app has got plenty of options to customize the way you access your information, so all your data stays private until you share that with your friends. The SnapPea has an option to sync your information with cloud storage applications like Drop Box, Google+ or Facebook. Also you can download the photos to your desktop with the same resolution you took on your Smartphone. Not only the sync, you can also use this SnapPea to backup all your data using the cloud storage applications. Download and try this app on your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Download SnapPea for Chrome

Download SnapPea for Android

Download SnapPea Managing Application for Windows



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