How to Create A Backup of Your Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging service right now. The truth is that we cannot be sure of the survival of any online website, especially after the closure announcement of Google Reader. So, it’s highly recommended that you should backup your data on Twitter and save it on your computer or any cloud storage service you want. In case of Twitter, you can either download your archive using Twitter or use any third party tool to create a backup of your tweets. We will take a look at both these methods after a break.

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Creating Backup using Twitter Archive

As of now, Twitter does allow its users to create a backup of their Twitter profiles using a Twitter archive. The archive has all your tweets which you can download to your computer or view it in your browser sorted by time. To create your Twitter archive, login to your Twitter account and go to Settings.

Twitter Settings

Scroll down the Settings page and click on the Request Your Archive button. It will then create your archive and email it to you when it’s ready. It might take some time for the service to create the backup archive depending on the number of tweets.

Twitter RequestArchive

After creating the archive, it will email you the archive file to your email address in a zipped format. Just extract it and view your archive that contains a csv file as well as an HTML file. You can view the HTML file in your browser that sorts your tweets by date.

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Twitter Archive

Creating Backup Using TwDocs

TwDocs is a very handy online utility that allows users to create a backup of their tweets online. You can not only download your latest tweets but also your direct messages, search results, mentions and much more. It allows users to download the backup in multiple formats including PDF, CSV, XML, HTML, XLS and XML.

To get started, just select the amount of data you want to export from “I Want To Export” section and click on the Go button. It will ask you to login with your Twitter account and authorize the website to access your account.


If you want, you can change the appearance of the exported files. Just click on the Advance Options button and select the fields you want in your backup file.


After the backup is creating, it will automatically start the download process. Just open the file and you will be able to view your tweets.

Wrap Up

I always recommend my readers to create a backup of all their important data on the cloud, on portable flash drives or simply anywhere they want. Its not just related to online services but also you computers so in case anything unexpected happens, you know that you have the backup.



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