Eusing Free Registry Cleaner – A Free App to Effectively Clean Your Windows Registry

Whenever you install a new application on your Windows computer, it adds new entries to your system’s registry. Over the span of your computer usage, you install and uninstall many applications which writes a lot of registry values however not all of them are unwritten i.e. uninstalling an application does not remove traces of it from the registry. Such ‘broken links’ in the registry can take quite a toll on your system’s performance. Therefore it is very important to rid your registry of these broken links and entries. There are various applications that let you do this but the best ones often come with a price tag attached. Here to be an exception to that rule is an app called “Eusing Free Registry Cleaner.”


Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a freeware application that is compatible with Windows computers. The application comes in a setup file sized at nearly 1 MB. When you open the application, you can have it scan your entire computer for things that need to be fixed on your computer’s registry. The completion level of the scan is shown through a progress bar.


You can initiate the scan using the ‘Scan registry issues’ from the left pane of the application. Once the errors in your registry are found you can select the ‘Repair registry issues’ option to fix everything. The application shows you the number of problems that it is going to fix.


You can do more with these registry entries by creating a backup of everything before the repair. The entries can be directly imported to a plain text file too. You can do this simply by accessing the ‘Edit’ menu in the top of the application.

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The application also comes in numerous languages that will cater to a very wide audience.


By going into the application’s preferences, you can control other factors involved in the application’s usage such as which folder to create the registry backup files in. Other options you can select include creating a restore point before every registry fix; deleting the backup file after you restore your registry values; and displaying the hint dialog before executing the registry fixes.


As you can see, this nifty application offers a robust registry fixing solution that Windows users will find to be invaluable. It is remarkable that such a thorough solution is offered in a freeware package.

You can check out “Eusing Free Registry Cleaner” by clicking here.



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