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We have had an excellent week of some exciting new applications that you may or may not have heard of. If you did not get a chance to check them out before, we are making this post to provide a summary of the top 5 applications and services that we featured on BlogsDNA this week. Read all about them below.


1. SounDrown


Prakash covered an excellent service earlier this week that helps you focus on work by eliminating external distractions. These distractions are eliminated by SounDrown through a very effective technique: by playing sounds of nature. There are 8 tracks available and you can play sounds according to your mood. Productivity can be increased simply by listening to the distraction free sounds of a train, a cricket, a fountain, and similar sounds that let you work easily. If you want to relax your mind and work in peace, then you should definitely check out SounDrown here.


2. Alive


Do you have problems managing your goals and sticking to them? If yes, then what you need is some help in keeping your goals in focus and working towards them. An application called “Alive” helps you in this regard and it provides you with an interface from which you can manage your goals. You can connect your Facebook account with the service and let your friends view the goals and challenges that you have set for yourself. Discussions can be held with friends that enable you to discover the best way to fulfill your goals. You can check out Alive over here.

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3. SmartPower

Desktop computers consume a significant amount of energy more than laptops. But many PC owners let their desktop computer run while they are away so that their file downloads resume and complete. But to save on your electricity bill, you must have an easy method to schedule shutdown events on your computer for selected times. SmartPower lets you schedule shutdown, hibernate, and ‘stand by’ events based on time schedules. But unlike similar applications, this piece of freeware lets you specify CPU activity, network activity, and various other factors that can prevent the system from shutting down. This intelligent method of scheduling shut down events will be advantageous to all PC owners. You can get SmartPower and read more about it here.


4. Status Snapper

Have you ever come across a funny Facebook status or a thread of comments that you wanted to share online with others on sites like 9Gag? If yes, then the obvious consideration you have to take care of preserving the privacy of your friends. Your friends might not appreciate screenshots of their conversations in which their profile images and names are clear. A solution to this is offered by the excellent Chrome extension that is title Status Snapper. This Chrome application lets you easily take screenshots of your Facebook account and blur the things you want to blur out. The images are then automatically uploaded Imgur. These images can be easily shared online using their direct sharing links. Read more about Status Snapper over here.


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5. BleachBit

Countless Windows computer users experience a slow system performance after using their computer for a long duration like a few months. This is mostly because of installing new application and using existing ones. The temporary files cache on the computer keeps building up and unless you delete it, you do not feel that “new Windows” system performance. The same applies to your web browser: if you do not wipe its data regularly, you will experience its performance adversely affected. Here to help you clean up disk space and help you achieve better system performance is a clean up application called BleachBit. You can read more about this application here.


We hope you can make use of these application. You can also use the comments section to let us know if you feel other apps we covered deserved to be on this list.



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