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In one’s professional life, one comes across new English words every day. This is particularly true for professionals whose native tongue is not English. I read client emails and have to respond to them appropriately multiple times daily. Sometimes the words they use are not in my vocabulary and I have to look them up. I also have to look up more “professional sounding” synonyms for many words so that my emails and other responses are formal.

For all these tasks, one needs an easily accessible dictionary that offers an effective word-meanings-lookup solution along with other valuable features. Here to be that dictionary is WordWeb.


WordWeb is a free to use desktop application compatible with Windows computers. The application comes in a setup file sized at nearly 20 MB. Once you install this dictionary, you are able to quickly lookup words either by typing them or by highlighting a word and selecting the hotkey shortcut to open up the dictionary.

For all the word meanings displayed, you almost always get an example sentence. From the top of the window, you can click on the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. From the right pane of the application you can specify whether you are looking only for nouns or for adjectives as well. Similarly you can click on the Verb and Adverb buttons to show those meanings of a particular word. The bottom pane of the application displays synonyms and antonyms of the word you have selected.

WordWeb Antonyms

Other tabs in the bottom pane show you more things. One tab that you will find particularly useful is ‘Types’ – this tab shows you types of the word you have selected. For example, when you lookup ‘professional,’ the Types tab will show you words like Attorney, Critic, and Educator.

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WordWeb Types

If you have an internet connection, you can lookup words online on informative sites such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

WordWeb Wikipedia Reference

In case you want to switch dictionaries, enable the display of obscene words, or adjust various other options, all you have to do is access the application’s Preferences. Here you will be able to tweak the dictionary to suit your everyday usage of it.

WordWeb Preferences

As you can see, WordWeb offers a ton of features to its users and all of them for free. Its only ‘requirement’ is that you take 2 or fewer airline flights every year – a dialog box that asks you this pops up periodically. Simply select the “2 or fewer flights” option and you will continue to use WordWeb for free. The app also offers a Pro version for $19; this version features 5000 more word definition and additional audio pronunciations along with custom glossaries, web references, and more.

WordWeb Mobile

And awesome news for smartphone owners: WordWeb offers iOS and Android apps as well!

Download WordWeb Dictionary For Windows.



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