Alive Helps you to Manage and Complete Tasks with Simple Steps

We all have goals, it may be a short term goal or a long term one. Short term goals are like exercising regularly, completing assignments, etc. Long term goals are like getting through a competitive exam, becoming a pianist, etc. So managing between these two is always tedious. Every small steps you make for goals in your day to day life helps you achieve something big. So you need a perfect place to track all the activities towards your goals. Alive is an one such application available on the web, which helps you in managing all the activities to achieve your goal. It is a new web application, which comes with an inbuilt set of options to track your daily activities in achieving the goal.


You can sign up to Alive either using your email id or Facebook account. It is completely free, so once you sign up you can start listing your goals in the web app. Here you can list the goals in the name of Challenges. You can list as much challenges as you want. Once you list all the challenges, you can start adding your friends to the network. If you sign up with your Facebook account, you can also add or invite your Facebook friends to Alive.


While creating challenges, if it is a long-term goal, you can make that as simple steps and see whether you have completed each one of them on time. Adding your friends will give you a support and motivate you in achieving the goal. Similar to likes in Facebook, here we have an option called “Boost”, to motivate your friends. If someone in your network working on the same goal, you can send them a boost or points from your account. Also you can discuss the techniques with them to achieve that particular goal. Though this looks very simple, once you start and complete the goals, you will get a positive attitude and a great confidence on yourself.

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It is not necessary that you need to make all the challenges visible to public. Some of the Challenges can be made private using the options. So that you can secretly track the progress of those goals which you don’t want to known by everyone. The interface is really simple and easy to understand, any one can easily create challenges and start working towards their goals. It will be very helpful for students, teachers, business people, web masters, etc., to finish their work before the deadline. Even you can form a network in Alive with your friends or colleagues who are working on the same project and track each ones progress at a single place. Click the link below to try the application and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment.

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