BleachBit – Clean Disk Space to Maintain Computer Performance and Ensure Browsing Privacy

If you are like me and you cannot stay disconnected from the internet for too long, then you probably browse the internet at your workplace. As long as you browse unobjectionable websites, this is not uncommon in any way and your IT department will probably not pull you up about it. However, you should still take measures to delete traces of internet activity from the computer you use. In case your manager happens to ever use your computer and check out what your activities have been, he must not find out that you have spending precious work hours on sites like

Browsing history traces and temporary files stored on your computer should be deleted not only to ensure your browsing privacy, but also to maintain your computer’s performance. If you are working on a slow computer, you could greatly improve its performance simply by freeing up disk space.

Here to help you with this task is an excellent piece of freeware called BleachBit.

BleachBit 1

BleachBit is a free to use desktop application that you can use to easily delete temporary files stored on your computer. The purpose of the application is simply to help you free up disk space on your machine and to delete traces of browsing history that your web browsers store on your PC. To get started, you need to only download and install the app’s setup file that is sized at nearly 6 MB. When you open the application, you will find various checkboxes to mark in the left pane while their details appear in the right pane.

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BleachBit 2

These options include native Windows temporary file folders along with various applications that you have installed. From Firefox and Chrome to Microsoft Office and VLC Media Player, you will find options to wipe nearly all temporary data that shows how you have been using your computer. To make sure that none of your important files get accidentally deleted, you can add files or folders to the whitelist of the application through its Preferences.

BleachBit 3

With all things set and your desired checkboxes marked, all you have to do is click on the “Clean” button in the top left of the application. This initiates the deletion process and frees up disk space on your computer.

BleachBit 4

Data can be directly selected as well to be wiped; all you need to do is use the File menu in the application and then select the appropriate shredding option.

BleachBit 5

In this simple way, Windows users are able to free up valuable disk space while deleting records of how they have been using their computer in the past. If you are experiencing a slow system performance or if you want to be careful at the workplace, just give BleachBit a try – it will definitely be worth it!

You can get BleachBit from here.



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