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Social Networking has reached to many people because of the instant updates of world happenings. People are always interested to read hot news from all over the world. That’s why the Google Reader shutdown has brought a very big disappointment among people. We have plenty of reading applications for Smartphones and Tablets which fulfills the exact purpose of those devices. Though, there are excellent reading applications available, the problem is either we don’t have time to read or we’re too tired of holding a device to read.

The only problem about reading on the computers and tablets is, quickly your eyes will get tired because of the display lights. Though we have plenty of improvement in lighting adjustments and night reading, still our eyes get tired when we read for a long time. How about someone reading for us ? It will be great, isn’t it ? We have an application for that, it is called Sound Gecko, which reads your articles aloud and it sounds exactly like a human.


Sound Gecko is available for iOS, Android and Windows platform, which helps you listen to your favorite articles with just a click. Also you can listen to articles on the web using the Sound Gecko’s official website. You can also share the articles on the web, email and browser add-ons while you are listening to it. It has both free and premium version available. In free version you can read only 30 articles per day and you are allowed to subscribe for only one blog in your account. In premium version, it will be pretty flexible to listen and subscribe to blogs and you will be charged $2.95 per month.

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Sound Gecko also lets you convert the articles you listen into  PDF documents. You can upload the documents to email straight from the application and send it to your friends and colleagues easily. This application will also read the emails you receive on your account. The interface is very simple to use and you can easily customize voices in the application. So far it has got plenty of positive reviews from people who have used it and one of the best text-to-speech converters ever.


This app will be very helpful to read the articles when you are walking or driving. Also it will be very helpful for blind people to listen to the articles. With the help of one person’s support blind people can easily listen to the articles in a clear voice. Even for normal people, who read a lot on their computers and tablets this application will save their eyes from getting strained. You can first try the free web application and the Smartphone apps and if you like it you can choose the premium plan from the website. Share your experience about the application in the comment box and don’t forget to share your experience with you friends.

Download Sound Gecko for iPhone and Android

Download Sound Gecko for Chrome



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