Use AxCrypt to Secure Your Data by Easily Encrypting it [Windows]

I have an awesome Corsair 8 GB Survivor flash drive that I use as my keychain. I store all kinds of data in the drive and to keep my data secure from others, I always keep it encrypted. While the file encryptions I use provide me with the data security that I require, they do present an inconvenience: data editing.

Imagine yourself working on your computer. You find a Word document that you need to encrypt; so you get your favorite encryption application to encrypt this document. But now to edit the contents of the file, you must decrypt the file, edit the contents, and then re-encrypt the same document. For me, this can get quite inconvenient and annoying after a while. Fortunately, I no longer have to stand that inconvenience because I have found the solution to my problem in the form of an app called “AxCrypt.”


AxCrypt is a freeware utility for Windows computers that installs encryption options into the context menu. To encrypt a file, you simply right click on and enter the AxCrypt submenu. Apart from the obvious “Encrypt” option, the submenu also shows you options to shred and delete a certain file or use AxCrypt in various other languages. These languages include English, Danish, Italian, French, and many others.


The encryption options offered by the application let you easily encrypt the selected file using any custom password that you want. For increased security, you can create a special file called a ‘key file’ that you will need to decrypt AxCrypt files. You can have the application remember your settings to make decryption easier; you can also set default encryption options so that you do not have to type the same passwords over and over again.

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With these steps completed, you would have successfully encrypted your files. You will then see an encrypted in the same location as the original file, only with a new file extension: AXX. So if the original file was File.doc, the encrypted fill will be File.doc.axx.

When you open File.doc.axx, the file will be immediately opened on your computer for viewing, editing, or for anything else that you want. You can change the contents of the file and save it quickly – encryption will occur automatically.

It is only when you transfer the file to another computer that you will need to decrypt it using the password and / or the key file that you selected.

As you can see, this simple encryption technique makes it easier to keep files secure while also keeping it simple and hassle-free to edit your data.

You can get AxCrypt from here.



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