SmartPower – Intelligently schedule Shutdown and Hibernate events on your PC

I have two computers – a desktop and a laptop. The desktop obviously uses a lot more power but I need it to download my torrent files while I am away at work. Because I take my laptop with me, I cannot use the laptop for the same purpose. Now, because I do not want my electricity bill to dry out my wallet, I was looking for a way to have my desktop computer automatically shut down once my torrent files had finished downloading. Fortunately, the torrent client I use has a built-in feature for this very purpose; but I needed a way to have the desktop automatically shut down after various other processes had reached completion. Thus I did a bit of online searching and successfully found the solution to my predicament: a tool called “SmartPower.”


SmartPower is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with Windows computers. The application comes in a tiny ZIP archive sized at nearly 300 KB. You extract the executable contained in the archive and run it to install the application. When you first run the app, you find the option to Hibernate your computer every day according to a schedule. You can change the Hibernate option to either Stand By or Shutdown.


You can also have the time schedule changed from every day to specific days of the week on a specific time. In case of non-Shutdown options, you can also setup a time to wake up your computer automatically.


In addition to time based shutdown schedules, you can intelligently schedule the Hibernate, Stand by, and Shutdown events by the processes that are running. For example, you can tell the application that it should keep the computer active as long as certain processes are running.

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Similarly, you can have the application detect computer activity through the CPU usage percentage. If the percentage is above a specific threshold, then work is being done and it is perhaps wise to keep your computer on.


Another way you can keep the computer on is through network usage; in case data is being transferred through one of your network cards, you can have SmartPower detect this activity and prevent your system from shutting down.


If you have video applications running that demand display power, system power, or away mode, you can have the app prevent shutdown events.


As you can see, SmartPower gives you control over how to automatically shutdown, hibernate, or stand by your computer and effectively save electrical power.

You can get SmartPower from here.



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