Soundrown Helps You Relax and Focus on Your Work

People who work on the computers for most of the time, easily get distracted by the Ads and entertainment websites on the Internet. Recently I wrote about a chrome extension which helps in distraction free reading. It will be useful when you are reading on the websites and blogs, but when you work on the Internet, a distraction free environment is really important.

We have plenty of browser extensions and web applications available to block applications and entertainment websites but these type of applications may not last longer also it will increase your stress. A peaceful and relaxed mind is really important to focus on your work. Soundrown is an one such application, which helps you in focusing on your work without getting stressed while you work on the computer.


Soundrown is a new web application comes with few themes of music for creating a working environment around you. These music tracks will give you a different ambiance effect as you choose between the tracks available. The dead silence or a noisy environment will surely distract you from the work. A limited amount of ambient noise is important to stay focused on the work and that’s what Soundrown does.

We have eight different tracks available on the web application, which helps you set the ambiance noise according to your mood. For instance, if you choose a coffee shop theme, it will create a virtual noisy environment similar to a coffee shop right from your desk.


Using Soundrown you can create Train, Cricket, Fountain and much more noises on your working ambiance to get more productivity in your work. Not only on the work, also if you want to take a break without any interruption of the thoughts, you can play your favorite track on the computer and sit back and relax. More than being productive, people who work on computers for a long time should find time to relax their mind.

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Soundrown is a best choice to relax your mind and stay focused. If you find any difficulties while using the application you can contact the developer using the link mentioned in the website itself. Try this new web application and share your experience with us in the comment. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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2 thoughts on “Soundrown Helps You Relax and Focus on Your Work”

  1. Maybe I’m a dummy but I go there, click the sound I want, and nothing happens. There is no sound at all.

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