Hide My Ass VPN Service Review

Privacy plays an important role in the Internet world. Especially people who do web-based business, should be really careful about the user data and privacy. Not only the hackers but also some of the vulnerable applications on your desktop can steal the data and violate your privacy. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are one of the best ways to avoid these type of hacking attempts and vulnerable applications on your computer. VPNs clients are nothing but a simple application, which hides all your original information like IP Address, the Server you are connected to, etc. This will protect you from the prying eyes on the Internet.

HideMyAss VPN Service

Today we are going to have a look at a new VPN service called Hide My Ass (HMA). It is one of the best VPN services on the Internet which provides various options to protect your privacy when you are online. They have a free web proxy server, using that you can surf through the web anonymously without revealing your original identity. In many companies and in public hotspots, some of the websites will be blocked. In those places, you can open the website you need to use this free web proxy. However, free web proxy can only encrypt connections created within browser, but thanks to Hide My Ass VPN Pro service you can encrypt not only your browser connections but also the applications that connects to the internet. It is recommended it have complete encrypted connections using PRO VPN service than free web proxies.


Though we have many free VPN services available online, you can’t expect the quality of the premium services. Hide My Ass provides a best VPN service which hides all your personal information and stops you from exposing your details when you are online. You may think what people on the Internet going to do with your data. For instance, if you are working in a company where you will do plenty of banking transactions everyday. If someone steals your log in details, they may easily get your transaction password. Then you have to start job hunting. These premium VPN services will avoid these type of hacking and intrusions into your computers.

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You can create an account on the HMA website to start using their services. At HMA, you have the option to create an anonymous email account, which can be given to the website where you don’t trust. This will protect your Inbox from Spams. Also, there is privacy software available separately for Google Chrome and Firefox, using that you can protect your privacy online. The file upload option on the website helps you to securely transfer large files on the Internet. In emails you can’t attach large files, so you can upload the files to the HMA and pass the links to your recipient. If you want to encode a particular link of a website, you can use the Anonymous Referrer option on the website. All these services are available for free. In order to get a complete protect you need to choose the premium service and download the desktop client.


This desktop client is separately available for all the three popular operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. You can choose your OS and download the software from the website. After you download the software, make sure you install it with the Administrator privileges. Installation is very simple, all you need to do is just follow the instructions on the application while installing. Once you’re done with the installation you will see a dashboard as shown in the screenshot below. This is where you toggle between the normal mode and VPN mode of your Internet connection. Once you see this dashboard after the install, you need to enter your username and password, which you have got while registering the account.

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After entering your Username and Password, click the connect to the VPN button on the right side. You will be connected to the Internet with a secured network. Not only hiding the IP address, if you want you can randomly change your IP address based on certain time period. Also you can choose in which country’s server you want to connect with. So that nobody can find which server you are actually connected to. Speed guide option on the VPN service which help you to find the fastest server and connect with it, to enhance your Internet speed without affecting your privacy. Proxy settings will help you select the ports if you want, by default it will choose the ports automatically.


Anyone can easily understand the function of the HMA desktop client and it doesn’t need much computer knowledge to use this on your computer. If you like the features try this service on your computer. It has a complete 30-days money back guarantee. So feel free to try this on your computer and share your experience with us in the comment. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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