Text Mode: An Excellent Chrome Extension For Distraction Free Reading

While browsing on the Internet, Ads are the biggest distraction for readers. Though we have ad blocker applications, some of the websites have restrictions for those extensions and it will easily distract us while reading. That’s why people choose RSS Readers and other reading applications to read comfortably. The recent update in Safari has brought a new feature called “Reader”, which just switch to a new reading mode when you need a distraction free reading. This option was already  available on iPhone and iPad. For people who use Safari as their primary browser, it is fine but for Chrome users, they don’t have these type of inbuilt options for distraction free reading.


One of the best parts of Chrome is the extensions. We have plenty of third party extensions available in Chrome to offer new functions and options which are not available in Chrome by default. Text Mode is a one such application for Chrome, which offers a distraction free reading for the users. Unlike other extensions, it will not simply block the ads, it will enhance the whole reading experience by hiding all the unwanted contents on the page. This extension will not block the text ads from Google. If it is an image or a video ad, it will be blocked from that particular page. The blocked content will look as shown in the screenshot below.

text mode

Adding this extension to your browser is really simple, go to the Chrome Web Store, search for Text Mode and add to Chrome. This will block all the images, videos and flash contents on the webpage. It gives a black and white look to the webpages which will reduce the strain to your eyes while reading. This will also help you spend more time on reading than you do on the normal web pages. Once you Turn On the Text Mode, all the web pages you browse will open in the same layout. So the loading will be really quick also it will make you read the content without any distractions. You can easily toggle between text mode and normal mode with just a click.

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Even this extension looks so simple, it will improve your productivity as well as helping you read the complete content, instead of just skimming an article. For Writers, Web Masters and Web Entrepreneurs, this is a must have extension for Chrome. Try this on your Chrome browser and share your experience with us in the comment box and don’t forget share this post with your friends.

Text Mode – Chrome Extension



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