Mybucketz: A New Hub for All Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr Feeds

Today there is plenty of social networking applications available online. In that category the giants are Facebook and Twitter. Most of the people have accounts in both the web applications. So sometimes it becomes tedious to maintain both the accounts at a constant phase. In order to get rid of that there are plenty of web apps and desktop applications available online. Mybucketz is a one such application, which acts as a hub for the four leading web applications Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.


Unlike other similar applications, Mybucketz has got something different and a very simple interface to view all your news feeds in a single place. First of all you need to register for Mybucketz using your email id. Once you have created an account, you can connect all other web applications using an option called “Connections” in the website. After you enter into the connections, you will see all the four web application names in the window. Click the one you want to connect and you will be redirected to that website.


Once you finish the connection procedure, now it’s time to organize your news feed. You can create separate buckets based on different criteria. For example, in Facebook if you want to see the updates from a specific person or a group of people, you can add them to a separate bucket and see their updates in the news feed. Also you can create a separate bucket for groups and pages on Facebook and Twitter to get their updates instantly. In Mybucketz you have an option to post on the walls of those connected accounts right from the application. You have to confirm that option when you initialize the connection.

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In the Maintenance section of the application, you can manage the buckets you create. You can add or delete buckets in that section. All the buckets you create will be grouped under separate connections. So based on the connections you can see the buckets in the maintenance section. In the feeds section, you can post the same content to multiple accounts without logging into all the accounts. This will save a lot of time also it will make your work so simply.

From Mybucketz, you can easily interact with the connected accounts. For example, you can comment and like posts on Facebook and reply to tweets on Twitter easily using the application. Instead of separately accessing all the accounts using this web app you can be interactive in all the four social networks. So if you are a regular user of all these social networks, register in mybucketz today and start accessing all your news feeds in a single place. Also don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box.



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