5 New Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

Smartphones are nothing without the applications. We have millions of applications all around and selecting a right to get your job done is really tedious. Especially for Android, there are plenty of Apps available and everyday a new app is being launched. So today I’ve hand picked few best apps for Android, which are newly launched on the play store. These applications fall under different categories like productivity, entertainment, etc. So have a look at all the five apps below and choose your favorite one to download.


NARR8 (Short form of Narrate) is exclusively for readers. Today most of the higher end Android phones have a minimum of 4-inch screen size, which gives a good space for reading. Unlike other reading apps, this app has got something new and interesting. It has an excellent collection of graphic novels written by great writers. You can pay attention to a plain text for a long time and it will make you feel bored until or unless the story is really interesting but these types of comical stories are real page turners and those visuals will give more interest to read further. You can download this app from Google Play for free. This app is also available for iPad on the App store.



The vibe is a pretty different app for Android which helps to set custom vibration patterns for contacts. We have plenty of apps on Play store for ringtones but this is the first one with vibration patterns. If you are in a meeting or in driving, you can identify the caller without even seeing the phone. Either you can use your existing ringtones or record a new sound to create your vibration patterns. The UI is very simple to use and anyone can easily create their custom pattern in their mobile phone. Also adding the patterns of contact is very simple. Just tap “Contacts” icon on the top and select the pattern you want to assign. You can also add multiple contacts to a single pattern using this application. This app is available for free and you can download it from Play Store

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Notification Pop-up alert

Notification Pop-up alert brings iPhone style notifications to your Android mobile. When you are playing a game or watching a video in full screen mode, this app will bring you the notifications in iPhone style. It will show the incoming notifications as pop-ups. This app is in beta stage now, so the features and customizing options are quite limited. In this app you can select for which apps you need to receive notifications. This will avoid the unwanted notifications on your screen. Another option in the app is, you can set the pop-up position of the notifications, either top or bottom. Also the display time out for the notifications. You can download this app from Google Play for free


Runtastic Timer

Timer is a new app for Android from Runtastic. It is a good app to monitor your Workouts, warm-ups, Rest Periods right from your mobile phone. You can create an infinite number of timers for various activities and use them on different workouts again and again. Every activity you complete on this app, will give a voice feedback about your progress. Also you can assign your favorite music tracks for different activities on this app to boost up your workout. Though it’s just a traditional clock showing the total time and remaining time, it has plenty of options to motivate you. There are both free and paid version of this app is available in the play store. You can try the free one and if you like it, you can go for the paid version.

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Tweegram is an entertainment related app, where you can add more styles to your text messages and share it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. More than hundreds of styles were available in the app, which lets you create a catchy design of your text message. Instead of sharing a plain text on your wall, you can use this app to design it. It is a free app and of course ad supported. For Android you can download from Play Store, this app is also available for iOS. In iPhone or iPad, you can share the customized text images on iMessage with your friends.


All the five listed above are free applications. So try all these apps in your Android Phone or Tablet and share your experience with us in the comment box. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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