How To Connect Chrome Web Store Apps to your Google Drive

Recently Chrome Web Store has become more popular because of its excellent and innovative web applications. These web apps are also one of the important reasons for people choosing the chrome browser. Now you can connect those apps with your Google Drive and save and open files from those apps in your account. Google Drive is a cloud storage application, so it helps organizing your files in a simple manner. While using Google Web Apps instead of saving the file to your desktop, you can save to Google drive straight away. You can use this as a backup for all your web apps on the Google Chrome.

You cannot connect all the web apps available on the Web Store. Some of the applications like Games and other such apps cannot be connected to the Google Drive. To connect your apps just sign into Google Drive with your Google ID and you will see all the supported apps in a list. Once  you sign in on the left side you will see a “Create” button as shown in the screenshot below. Click that and you will see an option called “Connect more apps” at the end of the list. Click that option, a new window will pop-up and in that you can see all the supported web apps from the Chrome web store.


The supported Web Apps will be available as a list in the pop up window. Select or search for your desired app on the window and click that to connect with your Google drive. In order to see the apps based on the categories you have an option over there. Click the button “All” on the left side to select the categories. All the work you do on the web apps will have a backup on your Google drive account. So it will be easy for you to access the files wherever you are. After you install the app, it will ask you to confirm whether you want to use that particular app as a default one to open the file types it supports.

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If you have opened multiple Gmail accounts and if you request a connect, it will ask you in which account you want to connect the app. So don’t worry about multiple account login, you can maintain the data as you wish. To remove the connected app from your Google drive, click the cog wheel on the right side of the window and select “Manage Apps” option to remove the apps or change the default app for a particular file type.


These are different functions to connect the third party apps on the web store to your Google Drive. Try connecting your favorite apps to Google drive and share your experience with us in the comment box.



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