CloudKafe Connects All Your Cloud Data in a Single Place

Before ten years, Hard disk is the primary storage and backup device for all our data. After file sharing web applications are created, people started buying space in online servers to backup and share their data. After Grid Computing, Cloud Services has become more popular and all the leading software development companies started developing their own cloud servers. Today we have plenty of cloud services available online. Though it helps us to backup our data, due to different cloud services all our data are scattered across the web. It’s not going to make any problem until you are searching for an important data but you forgot where you took the backup.


In order to get rid of these things, we have a new web application called CloudKafe. It indexes all the most popular cloud services in a single place and helps you search all their data right from the application. So you don’t need to go and search the data in all your cloud accounts. It supports web applications like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Skydrive and much more. So you can connect all your accounts to CloudKafe and use this application as a search engine for all your cloud services.


CloudKafe is not just an indexing point, it offers much more functions to do with your data on the other cloud accounts. Once you sign up, you will see a dashboard as shown in the screenshot below. There will be six different categories and the cloud services related to each one. Just place the mouse pointer on each category to know the cloud services related to that. Here I have connected my Facebook account in the pictures and my Evernote account in the notes section. So you can connect more than 15 cloud services to your Cloudkafe account and access them instantly.

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The changes you do to all these cloud services will be reflected in your CloudKafe account immediately. So you don’t need to make any changes manually for updating the cloud data. As of now only five categories are working, the music section is under construction. May be we can expect Sound cloud and other such audio sharing cloud services in the music section. CloudKafe is an excellent web application which helps you organize all your cloud content and search them in a single place. Instead of logging into all your cloud accounts separately, you can see all the content in a single place. In CloudKafe you can just see and access the content, you cannot make any changes from here. To add, edit or delete the content you need to log in to that particular cloud service to complete the action.

From my point of view, it is a very useful web application. We have few desktop applications similar to this but one advantage about web apps are, they are platform independent. All you need is an Internet connection to access the application. Try this new cloud indexing web service and let me know how it is useful for you in organizing the cloud contents.

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