Status Snapper Lets You Take Screenshot of Facebook Statuses, Blur Names and Share them Instantly

These days we can see lots of Funny Facebook statuses and their comment threads comes as images on our Facebook wall. In those images you might have noticed that the profile picture and the name of that particular person will be blurred. These types of images are mostly used to show the funny conversations or any serious discussions without revealing the name of the person. People use Photoshop and other simple photo editors to create these type of images. If you are a Facebook page admin or you want to create these images without any photo editors, here is a simple way to do it.


Status Snapper is a new chrome extension available in the web store. You can download the app from Chrome web store for free. This will help you to create blurred images with just a click. You don’t need to learn Photoshop or follow any other photo editor tutorials to create a blurred image of the Facebook status updates. This status snapper extension is very simple and secured to use with your Facebook account. All you have to do is go to chrome web store and search Status Snapper. Follow that Status Snapper link and install the extension in your Chrome browser. That’s all now you can create any number of blurred images with just a click.

status snapper1

Once you finish the installation, log in to your Facebook account or your Facebook Page to take the screenshots. You will see the Status Snapper icon at the right corner of your browser. Click that icon and you will see a button called “Snap” at the top and end of the status updates. As you scroll down the “Snap” button will move to the next post. Keep scrolling down and once you reach the post you need to take the screenshot, just click the snap button at the top, it will blur all the profile pictures and the name of the people who have commented on that particular post. The sample of a blurred post is shown in the screenshot above.

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After you blur the status update you don’t need to take a screenshot of that, this chrome extension has been connected with the famous image sharing service called “imgur”. So once you take a snap and click finish, that particular picture will be uploaded to the imgur server and will open in a new tab. After that you can save the image and later upload to your Facebook account.

The process is very simple and the extension has many positive feedback from most of its users. So if you want to share any conversations on your wall you can use this chrome extension to make it simple. Try this on your Chrome browser, share it with your friends also share your experience with us in the comment box.



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