5 New Web Applications You Should Try

Today web applications are one of the biggest productivity and entertainment tool for most of the online users. Millions and millions of creative web apps are available all over the Internet but finding a right one to get your job done is really tedious. So today I’m going to suggest few web applications which give more interesting stuff while you surf through the web. More than desktop applications people like web apps because of its portability and cost. For instance, if you are purchasing a software for $200, a web app can fulfill that purpose for free or lesser than what you pay for desktop applications. Another point is, most of the web applications are so handy, all it needs is an internet connection. So it is easier to go for a web app than carrying a downloaded software on your portable device. Let’s have a look at the newly launched web apps below.

Mouse Lock

Mouse Lock is an excellent web app to protect your computers. It takes a picture of the person who try to access your computer when you are not around. All you have to do is go to Mouselock.co and sign in with your Google account. Once you sign in you will be asked to enter a pin number for the security purpose. Next whenever you leave your computer go to that website and place the cursor in a point where it shows. So if someone tries to move the mouse pointer, it will ask them to enter the pin number, if not entered in 5 seconds, using the webcam on your computer it will take a photograph and send it your connect Gmail account. It will not lock your computer, it just lets you know who try to access your computer when you are not there.

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Follow Shows

Next to gaming and movies, TV shows are one of the important part of entertainment but the problem is the timing of the shows. We can’t remember all our favorite show timings and we don’t have a clue for to watch the missed shows online. In order to get rid of these things we have a web app called Follow Shows to get in touch with all your favorite TV shows and watch them all in a single place. All you need to do is just sign up and follow your favorite shows on the website. You will be indicated about the timings and if you missed any episodes you can watch them over there.


Health Tap

Health Tap is a very useful web application for all the people. It helps you to get health tips on your favorite topics from the real doctors. Everyday you will receive the health tips on the selected topics to your email or Smartphone. Health Tap is available as an app for iOS and Android. So either you can go to Health Tap website and subscribe to your email id or you can download the app to your Smartphone to get  the health tips. Not only the updates also you can ask questions to doctors directly from the website.  So it will be a great platform for getting clear about all health related doubts.


Market  Price

Are you a regular online shopper ? If the answer is yes then Market Price is a best web application to calculate the current price of an item on Ebay. Either you want to buy a product or to sell one, this web app will be helpful in figuring out all the information related to that particular product. You don’t need to sign up to get the results, just go to the website, there will be a search bar, enter the product you want to get the market price. You will get the minimum and maximum purchase rate also the stock availability in the form of a graph. Not only the graph, if you scroll down you will get a clear information about that product in all the listings on Ebay.

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There are plenty of music search engines available online, Fathom is one such web app but got something new in the way of searching your favorite music. You can easily listen to the sample or even the full song by just typing your favorite albums or artists in the search bar. Unlike other music streaming services, you can hear songs just by typing the name of the artist. It will start playing songs from one of their albums in the center of the screen. Also you will get related music suggestions based on the albums or artists your search. You can select the songs to your queue and enjoy listening to them instantly.


Hope you have enjoyed reading all the five web applications I have listed. Try all the web apps listed above and share your experience with us in the comment box.



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