Grammarly: A Good Grammar and Spell Check Assitant for Writers

While speaking in English we don’t need to give more importance to the grammar but when it comes to writing, Grammar is really important. Even for a simple document, the grammar needs to be perfect. Especially for writers, grammar is a major factor while preparing their documents. Even for professionals, there may be some grammar mistake while preparing documents in a hurry. In order to avoid these type of grammatical errors there are plenty of online and offline applications available but the accuracy matters when it comes to grammar checking.


Grammarly is a new web application for checking grammar on the documents you write. Unlike other applications, it has plenty of features and variety of grammar checking options for different type of documents. This will be very helpful for students, job seekers and people who send lots of emails everyday. A document without grammar errors will create a good impression also it will give more confidence on your work. Grammarly team says, once you start scanning your document with the application it checks around 250 points of grammar on your document. It will not abruptly change your document, just it will suggest the changes can be made. Either you can accept it and change or you can ignore and proceed further.


Grammarly also helps you to enhance your sentences by suggesting new words for the existing ones. It has an excellent inbuilt context optimized synonyms to give a better readability of your documents. The spell checker in the application will help you find the difference between commonly confusing words like lose/loose, affect/effect, etc. You don’t need to download any software to use Grammarly on your computer. Just Sign up for the application with your email id and start using it in your browser and other desktop applications like Microsoft word, Outlook, etc.

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It is a premium application, the trial period is available only for seven days after that you need to select a plan to continue further. Once you sign up, the plans list will be available on the application itself. It will also help you improve the writing skills by avoiding the common mistake you commit. Grammarly will understand the mistakes you make often and helps you get rid of that. The results are very quick so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time in proof reading your document. The inbuilt proof reading software has got plenty of positive reviews from users and many writers.


There are different modes available for different type of documents. For business documents, student assignments, research papers separate modes were available in the application. It will automatically analyze the document and suggest the word choices according to its nature. It is a must have web application for writers to get done with their works quicker than before. Give a try on Grammarly and share your experience with us in the comment box.



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  1. When you write, then only concentrate on your content what you are writing and do not concentrate on grammar and spelling mistakes.

    At last you must have to remove grammar and spelling mistakes error.


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