Efficiently Manage Opened Tabs in Google Chrome with The Great Suspender

Google Chrome is one my favorite browser but the problem arises when you open multiple tabs. That’s one place where it may fall short as it consumes to many resources at times. The more tabs you open, the more resources it will consume. If you are one of those people who tend to work with many opened tabs and want to manage memory consumption, you should give The Great Suspender for Chrome a try.

The Great Suspender is a handy extension for Google Chrome that allows users to manage memory consumption in Google Chrome by automatically suspending inactive opened tabs after a certain period of inactivity or manually suspend any opened tab.

Suspend Tabs

Once installed, the extension adds a new icon in Google Chrome extension area. Clicking on it will show you 4 different options: Suspend Current Tab, Suspend all tabs, Reload All tabs and settings. If you want to automatically set a timer after which the extension will suspend the inactive tab, you can do so from the extension settings page. The length of inactivity can range from 5 minutes to 12 hours. After the page is suspended, it will display only the Title, Favicon and URL of the website along with the button to add the website to whitelist or reload them. To reload the page, simply click anywhere on the tab and it will reload the web page.

The Great Suspender Extension

The extension also offers users with option to add specific websites to the whitelist meaning that you it will not suspend the tabs or websites that are in the whitelist. From Settings page, you can even view the history of pages suspended during the day.

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The Great Suspender Settings

The Great Suspender is a very handy extension for Google Chrome that can help users efficiently manage tabs in Google Chrome. This will also save memory and will help your computer operate faster. Feel free to share your thoughts if you gave this extension a try.

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