How To Get iOS Type Multitasking Bar On Mac OS X

If you bought a Mac after using iPhone, one feature which I am sure you will be missing in Mac OS X is iOS type multitasking bar which allows you to kill all the apps running in the background of your iPhone. Surely we do equally miss this feature. But there is always a way and always developers around the globe trying to implement what has been missing. That is the simplicity of Mac OS X for developers. You can get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X by installing TaskBoard.

Get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X

TaskBoard brings same looking iOS taskbar style to the Mac desktop, allowing you to kill background running apps in a similar way as you do in your iPhone. So follow up the tutorial below to get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X:

1. First to got to download TaskBoard. It’s absolutely free. Download here.

2. Second you will have to install this application/software to your Macintosh machine. To do that run the downloaded file.

3. Now open Finder and look for an additional device that must be appearing on the right hand sidebar with a name “TaskBoard”. (Refer screenshot below for better understanding.)

Get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X

4. Click on “TaskBoard” device and select the option “Install TaskBoard”. This step will run and install TaskBoard software in your Mac.

Get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X

This steps are enough to install and get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X. Just take your mouse pointer towards the Dock and wait for 1-2 seconds. TaskBoard will appear listing all the currently running background applications and softwares. Additionally you can configure TaskBoard.

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Get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X

5. Open System Preferences and navigate to “Other” category. You will find “TaskBoard” there. Select it to configure TaskBoard suitable to your usage.

6. You can set “Live Preview” if you wish you see the background or set “No Preview” if you do not wish to see live background preview.

7. Additionally you can also enable/disable or assign HotKeys (or say shortcut keys) to launch TaskBoard. By default it is: Command+Control+Up Arrow

8. The other configure settings include enabling/disabling Mouse Behavior. Which will allow you to launch TaskBoard by standing the mouse at the bottom area of desktop. Enabling/disabling TaskBoard to launch at login.

TaskBoard is a cool app to get your Mac an iOS type multitasking bar look. It also reduces your hassle to right click each and every app and kill them. If you are using TaskBoard, you can kill all the apps in one streak. The developer of the apps has released it in beta version currently. Surely the future updates would include much more additional features.



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  1. Can’t get any hot key combinations to work in latest beta. The “Finish TaskBoard” in System Prefs doesn’t seem to work either. Will uninstall-reinstall.

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