Find And Merge Duplicate Contacts in iPhone with OneContact

OneContact FMajority of smartphone users create backups of their contacts on cloud services such as Gmail, iCloud, etc. So, that in case they lose their contacts or decide to switch smartphones, they can easily setup an exchange account and sync their contacts on their new device. If you have saved your accounts on multiple cloud storage services, you may come across with the problem of saving same contacts twice on your device. If you have a large number of contacts on your phone, it might be a very tiring and time consuming task to check your address book and delete duplicate entries. Thanks to OneContact, you can now get rid of this problem.

OneContact is a handy iOS application that allows users to merge duplicate contacts on their iPhone. The application scans your iOS device and shows you all the duplicate contacts either they are exact or if there are conflicts with the numbers.

Once installed, just launch the application and it will show you the number of contacts on your iPhone. Simply tap on the button that says Find Duplicated and it will scan your entire address book. Before proceeding, it will ask you whether you want to create a backup of you address book just in case.

The time it takes to scan your address book depends on the number of contacts you have. After scanning, it will show you contacts that are exact duplicates as well as fairly matched contacts. Just tap on the Review button to check for the problems.

OneContact Problems

It will show you all the contacts that have conflicts. Before resolving, you can view the contact and tick the box next to the contacts name and address. Just tape on the Merge button if they belong to the same person and you are done.

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 One Contact Resolve

In conclusion, I must say that it’s a very useful application. However, it still needs some work as it fails to detect exact matches some times. Other than that, It’s a very handy utility. The changes it makes to the contact appears instantly. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried OneContact.

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