AnnotatePro: A Simple Way to Annotate Images Online

There are times when you need to add text to your images and annotate them. The normal procedure majority of computer users follow is to download the images to their computer, edit the photos using any photo editing software and save them. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to annotate images and add effects to them, give AnnotatePro a try.

AnnotatePro is a very handy online utility that allows users to annotate images online. You cannot only annotate images but the app also allows users to add different objects and effects to their images. After editing, you can save the image to your computer or save it on multiple cloud storage services including Dropbox,, etc. or share them on Facebook.

To get started, you must sign up for a free account on AnnotatePro. After registration, you will be redirected to AnnotateMe dashboard from where you can easily upload images to your account. Just click on Add Image button and browse the file you want to upload. You can even add images from different cloud storage services as well.

Mockflow Dashboard

After adding the image, the first step will be to crop the image for required region where you want to add annotations and effects. After cropping just upload the image and it will redirect you to your dashboard showing you the uploaded image. Just click on it and it will open the image editor. Just click on the Edit button to begin the process.

AnnotatePro Edit

Now, just click on the font icon (aA) at the bottom of the editor and it will show you all the font styles and fonts you can use to annotate your image. You can even add different shapes and effects to your images.

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AnnotatePro Editor

AnnotatePro Effects

To save the image, just click on the Project button and select Export to image. It will ask you whether you want to upload images to any cloud service or save it to your computer and you are done.

annotatepro save file AnnotatePro Save

AnnotatePro can be very useful when you want to do basic level editing like adding texts, blurring images, zoom them, etc. Feel free to share your views if you tried AnnotatePro.

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