20 Must Have Dashboard Widgets For Mac

If you are a Mac user, one thing which you would surely love is dashboard and its widgets. A dashboard in Mac is a place or call it a home-screen where you can add different types of widgets as per your need. Apple’s dashboard portal contains thousands of widgets which can be added to a dashboard. You can browse through the category and select a widget of your wish. Here are the must have dashboard widgets for Mac.

Dashboard Gauges

Dashboard gauges shows current display usages details. It shows CPU usages, battery status, free RAM details and Mac’s temperature. It has four different gauges showing all the four details. Tachometer for CPU usage, Fuel Gauge for battery status, Temperature Gauge for computer’s temperature, speedometer for free RAM and up-time.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

App Update

App update widget shows the latest update available for the applications installed in your Mac. It automatically performs update check once per day or week.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

BBC News Widget

This widget fetches latest news from BBC and can be read in 32 different languages. Just click on the line of headline and read the full news.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Answers Widget

Answers widget can be used to get quick answers of your questions directly from dashboard. Type in your question and this widget fetches answer from Answers.com

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Britannica Search Widget

Its an encyclopaedia widget where you can search about anything. Get your knowledge and IQ to next level with this widget.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary is one of the well know dictionary available. This widget can search your word terms and even pronounces the words.

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Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Quotes of the Day

Learning new quotation everyday is a wise practice. Get this widget to learn a new quote everyday. You can also search for quotes on various topics.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

To Do

To Do widget is a useful widget for Mac dashboard. To Do widget maintains your day to day list of to be done task. Just type in your task/list which has to be done and it will be saved. The task gets strike off after the due day. No doubt due date is its best feature.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Twitter Trends

If you are a twitter fan, love tweeting, and follow the twitter trend, than this widget is must in your dashboard. This widget shows the top 10 trending topics on Twitter and it gets update periodically every minute.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

0.99 iTunes Movie of the Week

iTunes offers a movie that costs only 99 cents every week. Get to know which movie would that be with this widget.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Yahoo! Mail

Read emails, compose emails and search Yahoo! contacts directly from dashboard with this widget.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac


Vimeo is a popular video collection website. This widget will show the latest videos from your subscriptions and appear from Vimeo.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac


Tired of long work session. Break is must! Why not exercise your brain with Sudoku game. A logic based puzzle game will keep you engaged even in free time.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac


If you want to create an un predictable password than you should go for this widget. iPassword randomly creates password and you can flip to configure number of characters.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac


Nothing much to do with this widget, but it will lock your system on double click. You will be taken to login screen, just like when you start your computer fresh.

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Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Secret Message

This widget allows you to quickly create a note and hide it. The hidden notes are protected by a password. Such widgets are useful if you share your computer with family and friends or work colleagues.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac


SlideShow widget will display images from the link you specify in the widget settings. A good widget for photographers using Mac.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Travel To-Do List

Are you a frequent traveler? If yes than this widget might be helpful for you. Note down your to do list and tick them when they are done.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac

Apple.com Daily Special

Want to buy Apple products are discounted rate? Apple’s online store each day has some deals and provides products at discounted rate. Get to see what the products are and what’s the offer price with this widget.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac


Birthdays is a widget which will go through your contacts and list upcoming birthdays. So never miss birthdays of friends and family members.

Dashboard Widgets For Mac



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