Get Back User List on Windows 8 Login Screen with User List Enabler

Prior to Windows 8, all older version of Microsoft OS had list of user accounts to select while loging to Windows. However, in Windows 8 this has changed and by default the last user who shut down/reboot the PC will be automatically signed in.

This is definitely a big annoyance for those users who have different accounts for different family members. What if you can get back user account list view back on login screen of Windows 8 ? Would that help you ? if you answer is yes then here is Winaero’s User List Enabler for Windows 8.

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User List Enabler lets you to get back the list of user accounts to choose from at every startup . User List Enabler is available for download for 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows 8.

Winaero User List Enabler

You can also revert back to default settings using User List Enabler. Internally User List Enabler doesn’t make any changes to registry, run as different user explorer command. It only uses Windows 8 group policy’s “Logoff script”.

User List Enabler is portable tool and less than MB in size. All it requires is UAC/Administrator rights to run it.

Download User List Enabler for Windows 8.

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