Easily Check Twitter Notifications in Google Chrome

If you are a regular Twitter user, you know annoying it can be especially when you are doing something important. Checking your Twitter feed after few minutes is regular but it may be a time consuming task to open Twitter homepage every time you want to check for new tweets, mentions or other notifications. There are many desktop apps available which allows users to manage their Twitter account from their desktop but many people prefer not to use a desktop client. If you use Google Chrome, you can give Notifications for Twitter extension a try.

With Notifications for Twitter, users can manage their Twitter account right in your browser. You can post tweets, check notifications, direct messages and more right inside Google Chrome. You can even choose which of these notifications are displayed in the extensions area from the settings page.

Once installed, a bubble like icon will appear in your browser. Do note that when you will install the extension for the first time, it will ask you to authorize the app to access your Twitter account. After authorizing, a Pin will be generated which you must paste by clicking on the extension icon.

Twitter Notifications 1

You can also customize the alerts that are displayed by the extension from the settings page. You can not only display specific notifications such as DM, mentions, lists, etc. but also change the appearance of the icon when you receive any notification. When any notification is displayed, the color of the extension icon changes to green or red depending on the type of notification received.

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Twitter Notifications 3

What I really like about the extension is that it even displays the new notifications in a popup window in case your browser is minimized.

Twitter Notifications 4

You can even compose new tweets without opening Twitter as well.

Twitter Notifications 2

Notificatons for Twitter is a very handy extension for Google Chrome that allows users to perform all the tasks that can be performed by a desktop app. Its simple, easy to understand and will check for new updates. Feel free to share your views if you gave Notifications for Twitter a try.

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